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Treatments and Services

Pain Management

We assess and treat joint, muscle, ligament or nerve related pain. Common problems include pain in the back, neck, knee, shoulder and other joints.

Injury and Post Surgery Rehab

We help restore normalcy in abilities after injuries like fracture, ligament sprain or muscle strain. Physiotherapy Rehabilitation plays a critical role in achieving full recovery post major surgeries.

Paralysis Rehabilitation

Major head or spinal injuries, Stroke and some neurological conditions can lead to paralysis or weakness. Physiotherapy treatment results in excellent recovery for such patients specially when started early. 

Home Based Physiotherapy

If you can’t reach us, we reach out to you. Our team of highly qualified Physiotherapy Doctors provide Home-Treatment service in Hubli and Dharwad.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

We have a Pediatric Specialist providing treatment for newborn babies and children with physical development problems like in Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and many more.

Combining Care, Expertise and Knowledge to Heal
  • Monday to Saturday – 10.30 am to 7 pm
  • Location – Pinto Road, Beside BSNL Office, Hubli
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  • Home-based treatment in Hubli and Dharwad

Best Physiotherapy Care To Help You Recover Faster

We are North Karnataka’s most advanced Physiotherapy clinic focused on relieving pain, improving people’s quality of life and their ability to move. We do this with scientific exercises, advanced physiotherapy machines and techniques like manual therapy and dry needling. We have a team of highly qualified Physiotherapists who also provide Home-Visit Physiotherapy treatment to patients who are unable to visit the clinic. We give treatment for all kinds of joint, muscle, nerve related pains like Back pain, neck, shoulder, knee and other joint pain and paralysis due to stroke, spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions.

Our Clinic was founded in June 2016. Over the span of the last 4 years we have built the reputation of being the highest rated and reviewed Physiotherapy Clinic in North Karnataka. We have completed over 10,000 sessions of Physiotherapy treatment for the residents of Hubli and Dharwad and continuing to relieve their pain and bring back smiles!

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Our Approach

At Physiofit, we are a team of highly qualified and skilled Physiotherapists focussed on our values of giving holistic, dedicated and individual care to each patient.We treat every patient with the highest care and dedication towards their recovery and design each treatment and exercise program customised specifically to correct their individual problem. We know that every pain has a story to tell hence a thorough examination, assessment of the patient’s history, activities, movement patterns, occupational hazards, posture and stress are done to check all the possible factors that could contribute to cause the pain. Our aim is to get to the origin and root cause of the pain and eliminate it with our treatment, followed by lifestyle modification and exercise advice that will prevent its recurrence. Our Clinic ambiance is also designed in a way that radiates positivity with its bright and colourful ambiance creating a healing mindset.

Why choose Physiotherapy?

  • It is treatment without medicines

  • It is safe and has no side effects

  • It is backed by a medical foundation

  • It is scientific and uses treatments proven effective by research

  • It is treatment given by Certified graduate and post-graduate experts with an in-depth knowledge.

  • It helps to avoid surgery in some cases

  • It can be taken along with medical and surgical treatments.

  • It will help reduce your pain, empower your movements and improve your quality of life

What our beloved patients are saying

"Dr Gauri is very kind and generous to the patients,she listens to us ,takes time and give the best treatment..I'm already pain free now..thanks to her..I would like to suggest everyone she's one of the best physiotherapist in Hubli...Clinic is also good, spacious and staff is helpful.go for this clinic!!"

"After suffering a lot a pain , discomfort and money listening to a friend's suggestion I landed at Physiofit. It was a day I begun my journey of recovery from acute back ache. with all my reports, scans and treatment records I met Dr Gauri Shah. She gave me a very patient hearing to my account of experiences and started treating me. After a very short time I started getting relief from my pain. She suggested several exercises to do at home. Her treatment and exercises have had a positive effect and my sufferings have come to an end. Her easy approach with patients and the uptodate equipments in her clinic inspires confidence. Thank you Dr Gauri."

"Thank you very much Dr Gouri Rao Shah for providing Dr Nischita Physiotherpist who has given best service to get me relieved of the severe post operation knee joint replacement pain. She is very polite, and soft .The therapy helped me a lot .My pain has been relieved by 60% now. Thanks to one and all of Team of Physiofit."

Uma Chillal

"Physiofit I would say is the best Physiotherapy Centre in Hubli. They have very good facilities and treatments for orthopaedic pain management and neuro stroke rehab. Being a Gynaecologist myself (Dr. DS Patil) with 36 years practice in Hubli I was not aware about such a good Physiotherapy Clinic in Hubli till I searched on. Dr. Gauri is very knowledgeable, friendly and gave a lot of personal care and attention. My knee arthritis pain has reduced significantly and I have been suggested exercises to further manage. They also have a team of Physiotherapists under Physiofit who do home visits in Hubli and Dharwad. I highly recommend this clinic."

Daxa Patil

"I am taking physiotherapy sessions from physiofit. .. My personal experience is .. It's the best one in hubli .. I have been to few more physiotherapists but I am happy with physiofit.. They understand your problems , analyze it and give unbiased suggestions and treatment is very good... Day by day recovery can be felt... I recommend it to all who are looking for physiotherapy sessions.."

"I have had low back pain since 8 years and have roamed around so many cities and taken treatment from so many doctors. But finally I have found a real difference in my pain and good pain relief only at Physiofit in Hubli. Very good Physiotherapy Doctors and setup."

"Physio Fit is a very clean and well maintained physiotherapy Centre. Dr. Gouri is very friendly and knowledgeable. We went to get treated for my wife’s post surgery back pain and she feels great relief now. Dr. Gouri made us feel comfortable throughout the course of all the exercises and took personal care. I would definitely recommend this center and Dr. Gouri to anyone in need."

"I am a patient with lower backache. I incidentally found physio fit Hubli and seeing the reviews my daughter asked to contact Dr. Gowri Rao. After talking to me one Dr. Nischitha was sent to my house. I an 64 year old. Physio fit comprises of very good team of physiotherapists. Of course Dr. Nischitha is so dedicated and cool that I got a fabulous treatment. All the excersizes were taught to me in a very convincing manner. I am extremely confident of recovering. I wish the entire team a great success in this field. "

"I think the best physiotherapy treatment! It was more of home than a hospital treatment ! I thank God for doctors like you madam who treat patients with so much of patience ❤️ she diagnosis patient so Welly and understand thier problems too! She is more of guide than a doctor ! We loved ur hospitality 🙌 Thank you for my mother is really getting better! I would suggest people to come to your place if they have anything regards to physiotherapy! ❤️ Keep up your good work madam God bless you❤️🙌"

Bhuvana Kulkarni

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit a Physiotherapist directly without a Doctor’s referral?

You don’t need a Doctor’s referral to visit a Physiotherapist. In India, anybody with an acute or chronic pain, injury, weakness, paralysis or disability can visit a Physiotherapist directly as a Physiotherapist is qualified to assess and diagnose your problem on first contact. After diagnosing you, if the Physiotherapist decides that you will also need further investigations or an opinion from an Orthopaedician, Neurologist or other Specialists he/she will further refer you to them. If the Physiotherapist is of the opinion that you can be treated with Physiotherapy alone, he or she will proceed with your treatment.

What exactly does a Physiotherapist do?

A Physiotherapist uses a wide range of treatment modalities like scientific therapy exercises, manual manipulation, advanced machines, Dry Needling, taping and many more which help to promote movement, reduce pain and restore function without medicines or side effects. Physiotherapists are highly qualified with a strong medical foundation and provide research based and scientifically proven effective and safe treatments. Read this to know more.

When should I go and visit a Physiotherapist?

You can visit a Physiotherapist if you have pain in your joint, muscles or radiating pain in your limbs which could possibly be due to orthopaedic or neurological causes. You could also visit a Physio directy if you have weakness or paralysis-type symptoms  in one or more limbs. People with movement or balance disorders like in Parkinson’s Disease or children with physical development disorders can visit a Physiotherapist directly. You can check out this link to know more in detail about what problems are treated by a Physiotherapist.

How long does a Physiotherapy session last? How many sessions will I need to take?

A Physiotherapy session may last anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the  treatment required to be given for your problem which is determined after the initial Consultation and Examination by the Physiotherapist.  The commonly treated chronic pain treatments are usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour per session which again varies individually based on the assessment.

Sometimes the Physiotherapist may find that you don’t require any treatment sessions and will just give you a home based exercise prescription. In some cases like in paralysis following Stroke the patient may need months of treatment. The common chronic pains usually take between 5 to 15 sessions of treatment. Some acute problems may require just one session.

Do you provide home visit treatment service?

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled Physiotherapists providing home-visit Physiotherapy treatment in Hubli and Dharwad for patients who are bed-bound or unable to visit the clinic. We have portable machines and equipments to carry on most essential home-treatments. However, to take the benefit of complete facilities and equipments, if the patient is mobile he or she can visit the clinic.

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