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Can I visit a Physiotherapist directly without a Doctor’s referral?

You don’t need a Doctor’s referral to visit a Physiotherapist. In India, anybody with an acute or chronic pain, injury, weakness, paralysis or disability can visit a Physiotherapist directly as a Physiotherapist is qualified to assess and diagnose your problem on first contact. After diagnosing you, if the Physiotherapist decides that you will also need further investigations or an opinion from an Orthopaedician, Neurologist or other Specialists he/she will further refer you to them. If the Physiotherapist is of the opinion that you can be treated with Physiotherapy alone, he or she will proceed with your treatment.

Can I take Physiotherapy along with my medical treatment?

Yes, you can take Physiotherapy treatment as a standalone or along with any medical or surgical intervention as advised.

What exactly does a Physiotherapist do?

 A Physiotherapist uses a wide range of treatment modalities like scientific therapy exercises, manual manipulation, advanced machines, Dry Needling, taping and many more which help to promote movement, reduce pain and restore function without medicines or side effects. Physiotherapists are highly qualified with a strong medical foundation and provide research based and scientifically proven effective and safe treatments. Read this to know more.

When should I go and visit a Physiotherapist?

You can visit a Physiotherapist if you have pain in your joint, muscles or radiating pain in your limbs which could possibly be due to orthopaedic or neurological causes. You could also visit a Physio directy if you have weakness or paralysis-type symptoms  in one or more limbs. People with movement or balance disorders like in Parkinson’s Disease or children with physical development disorders can visit a Physiotherapist directly. You can check out this link to know more in detail about what problems are treated by a Physiotherapist.

How long does a Physiotherapy session last? How many sessions will I need to take?

A Physiotherapy session may last anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the  treatment required to be given for your problem which is determined after the initial Consultation and Examination by the Physiotherapist.  The commonly treated chronic pain treatments are usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour per session which again varies individually based on the assessment.

Sometimes the Physiotherapist may find that you don’t require any treatment sessions and will just give you a home based exercise prescription. In some cases like in paralysis following Stroke the patient may need months of treatment. The common chronic pains usually take between 5 to 15 sessions of treatment. Some acute problems may require just one session.

How effective is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists go to the core underlying cause of your pain and seek to find a long-term and permanent solution. The thorough scientific assessment helps us get to the root of the problem following which we make a treatment plan which is usually a combination of treatment modalities, exercises and lifestyle changes or ergonomic advice given to the patient to prevent recurrence of the pain. If all advice and exercises are followed diligently by the patient along with the treatment taken for the adviced time duration, the recovery is  very promising and could be permanent as well.

Is Physiotherapy painful?

Physiotherapy sessions for most problems treated are completely pain free and many a time even relaxing . After most Physiotherapy sessions patients feel much better. In very rare cases like in Frozen Shoulder or Post-fracture stiffness, the Physiotherapist works on the deep tissues which might cause a temporary soreness and pain during the session. In these cases it’s important to note that getting better requires some hard work and the results will be worth it.

Dry Needling sessions may cause a very slight prick-like sensation which is very mild as the needles used are hair-like thin.

How much does each session cost?

Each Physiotherapy session at our clinic may cost anywhere between 300 INR to 700 INR per session depending on the treatment required. Home visit Physiotherapy sessions are charged higher from 500 INR onwards per session.

Do you provide home visit treatment service?

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled Physiotherapists providing home-visit Physiotherapy treatment in Hubli and Dharwad for patients who are bed-bound or unable to visit the clinic. We have portable machines and equipments to carry on most essential home-treatments. However, to take the benefit of complete facilities and equipments, if the patient is mobile he or she can visit the clinic.

I researched about my condition on the internet and found some exercises on YouTube. Can I do those exercises?

If you know the area of origin of your pain, it does not mean that you know the true cause of the origin of your pain. For example, you might have back pain and check exercises on YouTube but the cause of your back pain could be due to problems in a particular deep tissue or a misaligned joint. Without getting properly diagnosed trying out certain movements or exercises can actually worsen your problem. Certain types of movements are strictly prohibited for problems in certain specific structures in your back. Hence, it is strongly advised to get a thorough physical examination of your problem by a Physiotherapist and get a prescription for an individually tailored and customized exercise program designed for you.

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