What is Physiotherapy?

You’ve heard about it before but never really figured out what it was, let us explain.

Physiotherapy is a treatment without medicines given through physical methods like scientific exercises, manual manipulation, dry needling, taping, thermal therapy and with the use of advanced machines. The treatment is given for people affected by pain, injuries, diseases, movement disorders or disabilities. Physiotherapy treatment has no side effects as it’s an external treatment.

Physiotherapists have in-depth knowledge of how the human body works, as we have a thorough medical foundation. We have specialised hands-on clinical skills to relieve pain, restore people’s movements and empower their ability to work and perform their daily activities. 

People who benefit maximum from Physiotherapy are

– People suffering from chronic musculoskeletal or neurological problems like back pain, neck, knee, shoulder or other joint, disc or nerve related pains.
– People who have Paralysis or weakness due to Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Head Injury, GB Syndrome
– Peope who have had recent injuries like fracture, ligament, tendon or muscle tears
– People with disabilities or movement disorders like in Parkinson’s disease
– People who have recently undergone surgeries like Total Knee Replacement or Knee ACL repair surgery and many more
– People who are into sports or outdoor adventure activities looking to enhance their performance and prevent injuries
– People with a physically demanding occupation with repeated stress on particular muscles or joints
– People with a desk job and work-posture related pain
– People with a sedentary lifestyle and associated health problems like osteoporosis, uncontrolled Diabetes
– Aged people with balance and strength problems
– Newborn babies and children with physical developmental problems like inability to achieve their growth milestones of sitting, walking etc at the right time
– Children with Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome or with unusual movement patterns
– Pregnant women and women who have recently delivered

Note: Physiotherapy must only be taken from Physiotherapy graduates or post-graduates as this requires a thorough knowledge of the human body.